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On this page, I will try to list my publications, both peer-reviewed and not, as well as link to presentations that I have given. I will focus on material that is available online. You can contact me at

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2012. 国家精品课程项目:利用开放教育资源提升本科教学质量 [National Top Level Courses Project: Using OER to improve the quality of undergraduate education]. (With Wang Long). 开放教育研究杂志 [Open Education Research Journal], 18(1). Official abstractPDF.

2011.  P2PU:开放的网络学习社区 P2PU: Open network learning community. 现代教育技术 [Modern Educational Technology], 21(8). Official abstract, PDF.

2011. 从开放教育资源到开放评估资源 —访美国开放教育资源知名学者戴维·威利博士 [From OER to Open Assessment Resources - Interview with well known American OER expert David Wiley]. (With Wang Long). 开放教育研究杂志 [Open Education Research Journal], 17(6). Official abstractPDF.

2011. A practical model of development for China's National Quality Course Plan.(with Wang Long). British Journal of Educational Technology, 43(6). Official copy, PDF.

2011. 中国国家精品课程项目:使用开放教育资源提升本科教学质量. Chinese translation of MA Thesis. PDFcentral page with other formats, blog posts and supplementary material.

  1. The Chinese National Top Level Courses Project: Using Open Educational Resources to Promote Quality in Undergraduate Teaching. MA Thesis in Theory and Policy Studies, University of Toronto. PDF, central page with other formats, blog posts and supplementary material.
  2. 2010. Factors that Contributed to the Community Library Movement in Indonesia. Libri, 60(1). PDF.
    1. 2010. Community Libraries in Indonesia: A Survey of Government-Supported and Independent Reading Gardens*.*Library Philosophy and Practice, February. HTML, PDF.
      1. 2009. Peer-To-Peer Recognition of Learning in Open Education. (with Jan Philipp Schmidt, Christine Geith, and Joel Thierstein). International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 10, 5. HTML, PDF, EPUB, MP3.
        1. 2008. The literacy movement in Indonesia - access to books, creativity and love of learning. IFLA Section of Libraries for Children and Young Adults Newsletter, December. Pp. 11-13. Newsletter.
          1. 2008. Some observations and suggestions about the Rural China Education Foundation library programs at two rural sites. Short report based on visits to two rural sites in China. .

Peer-reviewed presentations:

  1. Knowledge Building for Web 2.5: Making the transition to a networked world.(with Sandy McAuley).Knowledge Building Summer Institute, University of Toronto, Canada. Slides+audio, Mp3.
  2. 2010. *Equitable governance of multilingual Wikipedia.*Critical Points of View: WikiWars conference. Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore. Blog, slides+audio, Mp3.
    1. 2009. Chinese OpenCourseWare - a Case Study of a Large State-Sponsored Program. Open Education Conference 2009, University of British Columbia. Video.
      1. 2009. Peer 2 Peer Accreditation and Recognition. (with Philipp Schmidt and Christine Geith). Open Education Conference 2009, University of British Columbia. Video.
        1. 2009. P2P University: Beginning the journey. (with Joel Thierstein, Philipp Schmidt, Delia Browne and Neeru Paharia). Open Education Conference 2009, University of British Columbia.  Video.
          1. 2009. Open Educational Resources in India and China: Re-shaping Periphery and Core? (with Kirk Perris). Presentation at OISE Dean's Graduate Conference, University of Toronto, March 6.

Invited presentations:

  1. Peer learning and distributed open courses. Invited talk in KMD2003 class, University of Toronto. Slides (Slideshare), MP3.
  2. 2011.Grappling with ideas: divergence and convergence. Invited talk at Connectivism  11 online course. Slides (PPT), slides (Slideshare), MP3, slides + sound (Vimeo), Elluminate recording. [[Grappling with ideas|Extended notes]].
  3. 2011. The Chinese Top Level Courses: Improving the quality of online courses in a new educational climate. CIDER session (Canadian Institute of Distance Education Research). CIDER sessionSlides (PDF), MP3, Elluminate recording.
  4. 2011. My experiments with being an open scholar. Part of a graduate student workshop on publishing at OISE, University of Toronto. Slides.
    1. 2010. Town Hall on Open Access. Was part of the panel at this event at OISE, University of Toronto. My opening remarks (YouTube), full video.
      1. 2010. Multilingual Open Educational Resources for a Multilingual and Multicultural UWC. Invited plenary lecture at United World College of the Adriatic, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy. Slides, blog post.
        1. 2010. What It Means to be an Open Scholar, and the Future of Scholarly Publishing. Lecture as part of Open Access Week 2010, OISE Library, University of Toronto. Blog post, slides+video, slides.
          1. 2010. (With Clare Brett). What can Open Access offer me as a teacher?: A guide to Open Access and to education resources you can use for teaching and professional development. Workshop as part of the Educational Technology day for Master of Teacher candidates. OISE, University of Toronto. .