From Seminar to Lecture to MOOC

January 5, 2017, [MD]

This summer, I successfully defended my PhD thesis "From Seminar to Lecture to MOOC: Scripting and Orchestration at Scale" at Ontario Institute Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

I have always been interested in different ways of publishing and sharing my research. With my BA thesis on community libraries in Indonesia, I had it translated to Indonesian, and also made it into an ebook.

I have an extensive page documenting my experiments with my MA thesis on Chinese Open Educational Courses. I made the thesis available in a number of formats, serialized it on my blog, had it translated into Chinese, and also published all of my raw notes (open notebook).

For my PhD thesis, I had big ambitions about having the finished thesis be a live document linking to my notes on all the papers cited (using my Researchr system), but although I wrote my initial drafts in Markdown (with Scrivener), they ended up in Word for collaborative editing and track changes.

I then wanted to create a fancy landing page, with links to resources from the thesis, multiple formats, talks, etc. But after landing in Lausanne, where I am doing a post-doc at EPFL, I never got around to it. Now it has been half a year since I defended my thesis, it is still not public at T-Space, the institutional repository in Toronto, and I decided it's time to set it loose.

I still hope to come back to add more information, formats, details etc. But for now, here are some essential links:

Stian HĂ„klev January 5, 2017 Lausanne
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