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July 26, 2008, [MD]

Preparing for a talk I am hoping to give in Delhi, I decided to look up the sizes of the Wikipedias in the different Indic languages. There are several ways of assessing the size of a language Wikipedia, none perfect. The most common one is to look at the number of articles, and although this gives a benchmark figure, it can be very misleading. This is especially because of robots that run around creating thousands of new almost empty articles, for example of cities in the US with only census data. There is nothing wrong with this per se, but it can completely distort statistics, and it’s also damaging when people single-mindedly focus on reaching some goal in terms of number of articles, without focusing on making them longer, and of higher quality.

Because of my long (although not very successful) involvement with creating solutions for viewing Wikipedia offline, I have spent a lot of time looking at the packages that Wikipedia compiles for download. For the first time in over a year, they successfully completed a full dump of all languages, available here. These packages have one HTML file representing each article (as well as user pages, discussions, images etc), in an extremely (typically at least 10x) compressed form. Looking at this size in itself is unlikely to tell us anything useful (except for whether it can fit on for example a DVD), but comparing it either to previous dumps, or to other language Wikipedias, can give a good measure of relative size.

One problem is that they have made a slight change in the packaging procedure - whereas earlier all the files where simply packaged with 7Zip, currently they are first tarred and then the tar file is packaged with 7Zip. I have not done any experiments to see if this has any impact on package size - the reason for the change was to speed up making the dumps, but because of this, historical comparisons are not easily conducted.

However, for an upcoming (possible) talk in Delhi, I decided to look at the relative size of different Indic language Wikipedias. I remember being shocked, when starting to study Hindi, that the page about Norway in the Hindi Wikipedia was only two sentences long! (Sadly, about a year later, this is still the case. Hopefully my Hindi will soon be good enough to be able to add content). Certainly a lot of Indians, both in India and abroad, contribute to Wikipedia, but they choose to contribute to the English language version.

So below are all the languages spoken in India (I might have missed some, but I don’t think so), and the size in megabytes, of their compressed dump files. I also checked how their page about Norway looked in each language (facilitated by my redirect script). Certainly the absence or presence of a good article about Norway is not a great measure of a good encyclopaedia, but most up-and-coming language versions try to get certain basic articles in place as early as possible, and these certainly include articles about all the countries in the world.

Kannada and Urdu was the only two that contained decent sized articles about Norway. Kannada is near the top in size, so this is not surprising, but Urdu is interesting. Can it be connected to the fact that Pakistanis are the biggest group of non-Western immigrants in Norway? This has not affected Norway’s treatment in the Panjabi version (most Pakistanis in Norway are from the Punjab region), perhaps because the Panjabi version is written in Gurmukhi, a script similar to Devanagari and used in India, and not in Shahmukhi, similar to the Urdu script?

That Telugu is the largest is not so surprising, given that a library researcher at the Banaras Hindu University told me that Telugu currently produces the most literature in India. However, their wiki had no page on Norway at all (most of the others have at least a place-holder page), and even when searching for broad topics like “Philosophy”, I found nothing. Perhaps they have written very good articles about a subset of topics?

It’s also curious that Bishnupriya Manipura, a language spoken in Manipur that I had not even heard of before, comes so high up - higher than Hindi. Perhaps there is some technical reason, or perhaps they are just a small community that are actively contributing articles. Certainly there are not many millions of Esperanto speakers in the world, but because of a small and very dedicated community, they manage to produce an encyclopaedia of an impressive size.

Here is the list, with a few other languages included for comparison.

Size in MB of compressed files of language Wikipedias, as of June 2008

Language Size in MB
English 14,000
German 3,200
Chinese 626
Norwegian 361
Esperanto 185
Telugu 52
Kannada 46
Bangla 34
Tamil 34
Bishnupriya Manipura 30
Hindi 30
Malayalam 29
Marathi 23
Nepali 21
Urdu 16
Kannada 10
Sanskrit 3.2
Gujarati 3.1
Sindhi 2.6
Bhojpuri 2
Tibetan 1.9
Panjabi 1.7
Kashmiri 1.3
Oriya 1.3

Hopefully, if I repeat this exercise in a year, I will be able to see a lot of progress… I have plans to promote editing Wikipedia in your own language for students at University of Toronto - who are from all over the world, and have access to very good infrastructure. And promoting the idea of professors including Wikipedia in their assignments. The Spanish literature project is an example of articles one can only (so far) dream of seeing in Hindi and other Indic languages.

Stian Håklev July 26, 2008 Toronto, Canada
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