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November 13, 2007, [MD]

I’m not a great programmer, but sometimes I come up with little neat tools that might be useful to others. I am going to try to post more of them on this blog, and I also made a page called Tools and hacks, where I will be collecting them.

Here is the first one:

Wikipedia language redirect\ Example: (takes you to the article on Hamar (哈马尔) in Chinese Wikipedia.\ Explanation: redir/from-language/to-language/article.\ Example 2: (looks up democracy (ديمقراطي) in Arabic Wikipedia)

Rationale: Supposed to be used through for example a Firefox shortcut ( for your most common combination. I use it frequently for Chinese, when my friend tells me he just made a great page about Moscow, or to find out how they spell Plato.

Stian\ (Thanks to pvera @ flickr for the photo)

Stian Håklev November 13, 2007 Toronto, Canada
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