Screencast of Wikipedia offline (zip-doc)

April 11, 2008, [MD]

I have mentioned my Wikipedia Offline project before (here and here), not to mention it its previous, very different, incarnation. The project is 95% functional, but is still waiting for assistance for someone who is better at Ruby or Python than me. Today I wrote up a number of bullet points, and posted a brief screencast, to share with people that might help out - I thought I’d post it here as well. The screencast (1 minute) is here, and the source is available. I still think it would be too bad to just let all this code go to waste, when it’s so close to being finished.Note: I write this with full respect for the other people working on, and having already produced versions of Wikipedia offline.

Needs analysis:

Current solution that I have:

How it fits in with other projects:



Stian Håklev April 11, 2008 Toronto, Canada
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