About Me


Hi, I'm Stian Håklev, a post-doc at EPFL, Lausanne. Welcome to my blog.

Background/academic interestsI grew up in Norway, and have also spent significant time working and studying in Italy, Sweden, China, Indonesia and Mexico. My undergraduate degree was in International Development Studies at University of Toronto at Scarborough, during which I spent a year working for CARE International in Indonesia, and my honor's thesis is about the community library movement in Indonesia.

I did my MA thesis in the Higher Education Program at OISE, with Dr. Ruth Hayhoe and Dr. Jim Slotta. My thesis focused on the Chinese National Top Level Courses project. After completing the thesis, I have been experimenting with ways of disseminating it in several formats, and through many channels. In September 2010, I began my PhD in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at OISE, with Dr. Jim Slotta. My PhD will focus on how to enable collaborative peer-based learning around Open Educational Resources.

The Peer2Peer University is an attempt to create a platform enabling the collaborative peer-based learning mentioned above. I was one of the original co-founders, and I am now part of the council. I especially focus on coordinating research, supporting course organizers, developing the pedagogical model, and partnerships with other organizations.

I am also  interested in how knowledge production happens across linguistic borders, and in promoting more exchanges between developing countries and the developed countries. One of the aspects of this is Open Access. I am a co-chair of the Open Access sub-committee at OISE, and try to only publish my own material in OA journals, or journals that allow self-archiving. You can find most of my papers and presentations available online. I am also experimenting with making all of my reading notes available through my PhD wiki, you can also read about the scripts that power the wiki/citation management system.

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