CSCL-intro the Bi-Weekly #10

June 6, 2011, [MD]

Welcome back. Sorry that we are slightly behind on the bi-weeklies, but all shall be summarized here.

Last week, we discussed scaffolding, and read a really interesting article:

Stian summarized the article, and blogged about it. Nate also blogged about it.

Stian also posted about Cohere from the week before.

We had a very engaging meeting, discussing the article.

We've also had some active discussion on the task pages about badges, and the meta-discussion on course components.

We've only got two weeks left - it would be really great to go out with a bang, and not with whimper, so I'd really appreciate it if you tried to be active for these last two weeks, and I'd love to see a bunch of blog posts about the different CSCL systems mentioned in Week 7.

This week we will hopefully have a guest presentation by Sandy McAuley, who has worked with Knowledge Forum (did his PhD with Scardamalia), indigenous communities, and lately also been involved in work around MOOCs. We are still waiting to confirm, but hopefully he will be able to join us at our normal meeting time on Saturday.


PS: Happy Duanwu Festival, which we celebrated by making dumplings with a local family.

Stian Håklev June 6, 2011 Toronto, Canada
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