Cohere: A prototype for contested collective intelligence

May 28, 2011, [MD]

Anna de Liddo and Simon Buckingham Shum, both of whom I met at Learning Analytics 2011 in Banff, provide a very different take on the design of collaborative environments, in their article about Cohere. Instead of focusing on little kids "playing scientists" and learning to think like scientists, they focus on actual scientists, politicians, city planners and others who face "wicked problems" and need to harness "contested collective intelligence".

This is a nice link from the field of CSCL to its sister-field of Computer Supported Collaborative Work, and what I like about the article is that it provides a great bibliography with links to a number of articles that I would not have come across otherwise, and which I will definitively take a look at.

I need to read more about collective intelligence, but I wonder about how it compares to Knowledge Building. The focus on solving "wicked problems" is similar. What is nice with Cohere is that it's designed as a Web 2.0 tool, which let's you refer to lot's of different web sources, it even works as a browser-plugin, as opposed to Knowledge Forum, which is it's own "walled garden".

Stian HĂ„klev May 28, 2011 Toronto, Canada
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