Tweets from Critical Point of View: WikiWars conference in Bangalore

January 14, 2010, [MD]

I am just back from Bangalore, where I had the good fortune to participate in the Critical Point of View: WikiWars conference - a critical reflection on Wikipedia from a number of point of views. I will probably write more about some of the most interesting presentations, my own presentation, and other thoughts, but I thought I'd start by posting my tweets.

It varies how much I tweet from conferences (or in general), but during this conference, I found myself using Twitter quite frequently. It serves as both a note taking function, a way to communicate with some of the others in the room, a way to focus on the content of the talk (rather than letting thoughts wander), and a conduit for people who are not participating.

I am not sure how useful this collection of Tweets are for people who were not present, but I am posting them here as a collection. Earlier I posted the tweets from the OAI6 conference, and also mentioned how I created the list.

Here they are, all 130 of them:


Stian Håklev January 14, 2010 Toronto, Canada
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