Tweets from OAI6 on Open Access in Geneva

June 19, 2009, [MD]

So my European travels are drawing towards an end. Lot's of new impressions to digest, both from the travel, and from ElPub 2009 and OAI6which I attended. Tomorrow morning I will try to catch a few hours of HackMeeting in Milan, before I fly back to Beijing, spending a few days in Dubai on the way.

I will try to post more about my experiences, but in the meantime I am posting my tweets from OAI6 as an experiment. Not sure if seeing them like this gives any value, but I thought I'd give it a try. (I simply searched twitter for "#oai6 from:houshuang", copied it to TextMate, and used a few regexps to clean it up. I then put it in a spreadsheet, to reverse the order so the oldest tweets come first.


Stian HĂ„klev June 19, 2009 Toronto, Canada
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