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March 12, 2009, [MD]

I gave a presentation at OISE Education Commons today, together with Professor Jim Slotta, entitled "Open education around the world". I was very grateful to be invited by Education Commons to give one of their talk, since they only feature one or two each semester. I was also very lucky to be working together with Jim, because our pre-talk meetings really helped me focus and sharpen my thinking around OER.

As usual, I will try to share this talk as widely as possible. The slides are available on SlideShare (and can be downloaded from there), a video of the talk synchronized with the slides has been put up, and there will even be a podcast, thanks to some people at the Toronto iSchool. I will update this post as more material becomes available.

This post is mainly to share a number of resources that I went through in my talk, so that people who watched it in person, or online, and found something in particular interesting, can go and check out that resource.

Previous presentationsI've done some previous presentations on this topic.

Free as in speech / free as in beer:

Accidental OER

Open education videos around the world (YouTube video with samplings of open lectures from five countries, 2:30 min.) ****

Open textbooks

Peer-based production

Networks and emerging forms of learning

I hope that was all, if I have forgotten anything let me know. I would be very happy to hear from anyone who are interested in this topic, and would like to discuss further. My e-mail is


Stian HĂ„klev March 12, 2009 Toronto, Canada
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