Two sections, one weaving in the info about German and French models etc into the section about two forms of professors, epistemology

The second, new chapter, talking about links with China’s past - Confucianism, written vs oral academic culture, models, performance

Then, add/update some of the info on borrowing and lending using notes from Khamsi and Silova

Read article from Li Jun and add to last part of chapter 3.

Go through and fix various smaller things. Japan article, CRTVU, references.

Go through with a fine comb and check every single reference

Go through all references and make sure they are properly formatted

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Read article from Iveta Silova, look at all nots in references scratch, edit borrowing and lending section in chapter 2 and 6. Also think about terminology (ref Ruth Hayhoe).

Check that all references are correct, add references if needed.

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