Applying for courses

XXX: There is a limit to how many courses we can apply for. Only one course per teacher.

Students say the course is good, colleagues support it. Decision made by department heads.

The course can be promoted to the national TLCP either by the province, or by the national academic committee of a certain discipline.

Here most courses are really good, there is high standards and morals among professors, they really want their courses to be good, so we don’t have to do too much to apply to TLCP. 

Usually the courses that apply are already youxiu kecheng, don’t start process from scratch. 

Teacher motivation

XXX: Some teachers don’t want to participate because they don’t think the quality of their courses is good enough.


XXX: Out of 25 courses that apply, only 7-8 that are accepted.


XXX: 100 courses, just a few of XXX courses over 6 years. Not a great impact. Create some competition within departments. 


XXX: Famous professors teach undergraduate.

Received a lot of inspiration from MIT, sharing resources. Mainly for use by students. 

Focused on quantity first, then go to the next level.


XXX: Some universities make reports about their TLCP to spread the news. 


XXX: never heard about them.