Here the teachers and courses are already very good, so we don’t have to do too much work to improve them. The professors have strong moral values, and would work hard on improving their courses, even without this competition. However, it can work well to create some internal competition between colleagues. 

Most courses were already excellent courses, and were not developed especially for the Top-Level Courses Project. 

There is a limited quota of courses that can be applied for, and each professor can only apply for one course. It’s usually courses that are beloved by students, if the colleagues have high opinions of the course, and the department head gives the go ahead, the course can be put forward. 

To get from provincial to national level, it has to be promoted either by the province, or by an academic association. 

Chinese way: make tons of resources, then improve on the usage/design. MIT had an impact, the idea of sharing resources. 

Students don’t know enough about NTCP.