The dept of XXX began from 2008 to put more emphasis on TLCP development, before teachers thought that as long as I do a good course, it’s OK, didn’t think about going for these kind of badges. But then the department began to emphasize it. This university is also trying to become an international first class university, we have to expand our influence, so that’s why the department and everyone began to pay more attention. Pay attention to how they could take their own experience, and offer it to the world. Last year we proposed 4 province-based courses and 2 national level courses. Our course is an important obligatory course in the major and a zhugan basic course for the whole school. We developed it for many years, I always taught this course. It developed very rapidly. We put a lot of weight on developing teaching materials and the course contents. Constantly improving. Initially our course was completely lecture-based, in 2007 we began with an internship where students could put what they had learnt into practice (XXX).

Part of the reason we applied was that our course had this innovation. We applied for TLCP in 2008. We also developed teaching materials, I used a book for several decades that I had written. We developed a new book which one a national TLCP price in XXX. After that, we decided to apply for TLCP. 

Before applying to TLCP, we didn’t have our web site (like some XXX profs did) but we did put some material on the campus LMS to share with students. 

We would still have done the big reorganization of courses even if it hadn’t been for TLCP. The impact of TLCP was not very big, it was just a badge. We weren’t planning to apply for TLCP, just wanted to improve our class, but because the department put a lot of weight on it, wanted this honor. It took us some time.

I was retiring in XXX, so anyway I was planning to make recordings and leave a memory of my teaching here. 

Our material is open to all of China. Students can see the recordings and learn by themselves. After our teaching material was released, a lot of universities use it. This course is quite influential in the whole country. Some teachers have contacted us and told us that they are using the resources in their teaching.

I visited other courses by people in our department, to see how they did it. 

2008 courses all look the same. The school helps constructing TLCP, give them the material, they will put it up for you. 

We also consider when making TLCP that we don’t want to release all our material, because we have struggled over many years to create it, and don’t want others to just take it. But we put most of it up. I know other teachers who try to put as little as possible up there, we put most of it.

We have visited MIT OCW.

Universities that are “below” us are willing to visit and use our resources, but universities at “our level” might not be interested, they might more look to foreign courses, for example. We also consult foreign courses when we construct ours. Some people also come to visit us to learn more about our courses.