TLCP is a part of the quality project, which also includes a lot of stuff: famous teachers, teaching teams etc. TLCP is just a small part. The project is to get course construction to its best level. There are many indicators of this: teaching team, pedagogical research and teaching results, courses with special characteristics etc.

How did you get the idea of applying to TLCP? We had youxiu courses and hege courses before TLCP. We didn’t apply improve our course according to youxiue course guidelines to get the youxiu badge, but because we wanted our students to be able to study better. So we began growing the quality, after a long time it will be come hege, and youxiu course. Then MoE came out with TLCP, and the stuff we had improved in our course was compatible with the requirements for TLCP, I realized they were even more specific and detailed than for youxiu ke, so we began to develop the course further, and then applied for TLCP. We applied for uni level, then for national level. My biggest outcome was becoming more aware of course construction, clearer about the goal of course development, This also pushed the development of our other courses forwards.

We always had a teaching team even before we did TLCP.

I began teaching this course in 1991, I developed it, First it was a voluntary course, then it became an obligatory course. Then it became MoE 办课:

We applied for campus level TLCP in 2005, and for national level in 2008. We were the first national level TLCP on XXX,  Now there are two.

Online resources are for students, and colleagues on other campuses.

Academic affairs office says that the use rates of our course on the national TLCP website  are very high. This is a course that all universities teach, and many university want to develop, so they come to consult our course, many people contact us to get more info.

Used by both students and teachers, probably more by teachers. Lot’s of them contact us, want to build their own courses, learn from us.

The course is quite complete, lot’s of resources available.

The process of developing the course has given me more awareness, constantly improving according to certain guidelines, very systematical. Otherwise I might just do things randomly, without considering why I am doing them.

There is never a case when TLCP guidelines stops you from doing something good, the things required are all ingredients of a good course. The only thing is very detailed requirements about the constitution of the teaching teams. However some courses are very small, can’t get that many teachers, not realistic. Our course has a group, but not too big. But I saw some course applications, they have a huge group of people behind one course,  Is that really the case? Maybe just a few people doing it. It should be more appropriate depending on the course, not the more people the better. 

Doesn’t know much about foreign OER. Heard about distance ed, 

We looked at other people’s TLCP when we were preparing the application, academic affairs organized for us to learn from the people with very good TLCP courses, from our school and from other schools. We learnt a lot from this process, we also looked at courses online. But of course, our course also has it’s own characteristics, which we can’t learn from anywhere else. 

We got some money for the course, which we used on hardware and software for the course.

MoE gives a bit, the province gives a bit, and the school gives a bit. Not a lot. It’s a kind of support. Our website benefitted from the support from the online school, for making website, they have experts who helped us.

I am XXX, can work to 65, PhD supervisor. I need to find a replacement, a young professors, train him or her to continue this course, become PhD supervisor. Need to improve pedagogical research. Publishing a bi-lingual book to help teachers do bilingual courses. Have to update video material in course. 

Before teaching wasn’t that important for being a PhD supervisor, now they will take a TLCP into consideration.