Centralization vs localization (great leap, and cultural revolution)

Mass/equal vs elite/keypoint

Narrative of massification (Yang Rui)

Set out a road map

Contents (from intro)

In chapter four, I will give an overview of Chinese higher education since 1949, focusing especially on evolution of how courses were developed, and mechanisms for evaluating courses. The overview will also describe the large-scale investment in higher education through projects 985 and 211, as well as the explosion in enrolment from 1998 to 2008. I will show how influence from the Soviet Union led to a very centralized curriculum, and the practice of teaching teams. As part of the opening up of China, this was replaced by a system of internal course evaluations, and the promotion of excellence through peer-review and additional funding. This, together with the strong focus on IT in education paved the way for the creation of the Top-Level Courses Project in 2003. This chapter is based on Chinese and English secondary sources, and one of the interviews.