Wang Hongju MIT OCW 与我国精品课程比较

MIT spread throughout the world, TLCP increase communication internally, improve quality

unified vs not unified interface (web)

better evaluation, feedback?

Zhou Yan (2009) MIT OCW 效果评价对我国精品课程评价的启示

very impressed by rigorous assessment method of program

Tan Feng (2008) MIT OCW的成功之道对我国精品课程建设的启示

believes TLCP is a response to MIT

Thus, China's quality course construction project is initiated by MIT OCW knowledge "open sharing" concept response. 

Yang Pingzhang etc (2007)

powerful platform, MacDonalds metaphor

Liu Kefu

classics courses in US, through OCW. Very good, poor understanding of China - we need to do better. 

Ming Junren (2006)