Quality of undergraduate teaching

The nationally produced TLCP is part of a larger project called the Quality Project (zhiliang gongcheng), which is a national program to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching. The program targets 1000 universities with 10 million FT students, and will cost approximately USD $365 million. The targets are as follows: Help 3000 professors and administrators to develop peer training exchanges, select 1000 national-level teaching teams, give awards to 500 top national teachers, develop 500 experimental teaching centers, 500 individual talent development and creativity areas, and 500 high quality bilingual classes (Jingpinke, n.d.) As for TLCP, the goals are frequently noted as being “the five first-classes”, ie. first class teaching teams, first class teaching content, first class pedagogical methods, first class teaching material, and first class teaching management (see for example Chen, Huang, Li and Ceng, 2008).


15 “质量工程全面启动

Jan 15, 2007 质量工程 was announced officially. The project follows 211, 985, and a project to improve vocational training? and is in concordance with the 教育部 which says to make quality the priority in higher ed. <<when does 211,985 run to?>>. purpose: improve quality of undergrad teaching. method: promote reform, and sharing of high-quality resources. want particiption by teachers, students and administrators. promote an environment of seeing teaching and quality as important. Lists the numbers again. 6 goals, 7 systems. Enable sharing of classes, books, experimental equipment and other quality resources. Promote self-study, learning through research, and practical learning to improve initiative and creativity among students. Improve regular evaluation systems.  Use exchange (?) to reduce difference between East and West of China.

Program is 5 years, from 2006-2010. 

{Li Bin, 2010}

MoE concluded after three years that zhiliang gongcheng had been a huge success. Launched in 2007, 

这项 involves a fairly extensive projects include many of the reforms, such as: structural adjustment with professional certification; curriculum, teaching material construction resource sharing; Practice Teaching and Training Model Reform Chuang Xin; teaching Tuandui and Gao Shuiping teachers 队伍 construction; teaching assessment and teaching status, and the publication of basic data to support their counterparts in western universities.