This standardized the pedagogy in higher education. It improved the quality of teaching in the course, and all academic staff who teach would know what the national standards were for each course.


TLCP has made us all focus much more on quality. There is no doubt that TLCP has brought online courses to a new level of quality. 

Pedagogicla reform

XXX: Example of a course, before TLCP it was very standard, not much discussion in class, now it become provincial TLCP, going through this process, the teacher’s pedagogical ideas changed a lot.


XXX:  Training teachers. Before four teachers, all go to their own classrooms, don’t go to listen to other people’s classes. Now we can all discuss around one platform, research according to TLCP national norms, that why the contents of our course will be improved.

Ed tech

XXX: They put recordings of all lectures online, so students who don’t understand everything during class can slowly watch them again after class. They also have a blog where the teacher can leave homework, and students can communicate with him outside of class. 

Students and teachers are able to community much more outside of class as well. Make available resources that could not be shared in class room. The teachers also become better at using educational technology.


XXX: They can also leave some very valuable resources - all universities have some famous and old teachers, but when they pass away, the only thing left is their notes, if you want to hear their voice, attend their lecture, you cannot. TLCP gives us the opportunity to preserve this, record your lecture, people can always attend in the future. 



I think TLCP has achieved the initial goal set by the MoE, become a standard-setter. Like my course, which was the first to get TLCP moniker in my department, it has set the standard. Nationally, there are only three or four TLCP courses in this topic, but it’s taught in 100 universities around China, so it plays a reading role. But we (teachers, and administrators) should think about how we can go deeper.