Web resources

XXX: Before applying to TLCP, we didn’t have our web site (like some XXX profs did) but we did put some material on the campus LMS to share with students. 

XXX: In 2004, 2005 I began to prepare this website, because it was needed for teaching, by the students. By request of the students, we slowly started putting up recordings, and other material, discussion forums.

At first, the reason for building the site had nothing to do with TLCP, which had not yet launched. It was the request of these outside students who came to listen to classes, and wanted something to connect to while they were away.

XXX: We started to develop a website in 2001. We put the courseware, questions, experimental descripition, teaching materials etc on the web. We also developed a resource database for the province. In the resource base we put lot’s of resources from the course, so we started with this quite early. We also had exchanges with other universities, especially because we are so well known for the publishing of his textbook.

Before we became TLCP, all the resources were for our own students, we also shared some courseware and some recordings with other campuses. In 2005, our campus did an evlauation, XXX published it.