XXX: The dept of XXX began from 2008 to put more emphasis on TLCP development, before teachers thought that as long as I do a good course, it’s OK, didn’t think about going for these kind of badges. But then the department began to emphasize it. This university is also trying to become an international first class university, we have to expand our influence, so that’s why the department and everyone began to pay more attention. Pay attention to how they could take their own experience, and offer it to the world. 


We didn’t apply improve our course according to youxiu course guidelines to get the youxiu badge, but because we wanted our students to be able to study better. 

Then MoE came out with TLCP, and the stuff we had improved in our course was compatible with the requirements for TLCP, I realized they were even more specific and detailed than for youxiu ke, so we began to develop the course further, and then applied for TLCP. We applied for uni level, then for national level. 

XXX: In 2004, the school started applying for TLCP, asked who had materials, I happened to have them ready.