The dept of XXX began from 2008 to put more emphasis on TLCP development, before teachers thought that as long as I do a good course, it’s OK, didn’t think about going for these kind of badges. But then the department began to emphasize it. This university is also trying to become an international first class university, we have to expand our influence, so that’s why the department and everyone began to pay more attention. Pay attention to how they could take their own experience, and offer it to the world. Last year we proposed 4 province-based courses and 2 national level courses. Our course is an important obligatory course in the major and a zhugan basic course for the whole school. We developed it for many years, I always taught this course. It developed very rapidly. We put a lot of weight on developing teaching materials and the course contents. Constantly improving. Initially our course was completely lecture-based, in 2007 we began with an internship where students could put what they had learnt into practice (design chip).

Part of the reason we applied was that our course had this innovation. We applied for TLCP in 2008. We also developed teaching materials, I used a book for several decades that I had written. We developed a new book which one a national TLCP price in 2007. After that, we decided to apply for TLCP. 

Before applying to TLCP, we didn’t have our web site (like some XXX profs did) but we did put some material on the campus LMS to share with students. 

I was retiring in 2008, so anyway I was planning to make recordings and leave a memory of my teaching here. 


How did you get the idea of applying to TLCP? We had youxiu courses and hege courses before TLCP. We didn’t apply improve our course according to youxiue course guidelines to get the youxiu badge, but because we wanted our students to be able to study better. So we began growing the quality, after a long time it will be come hege, and youxiu course. Then MoE came out with TLCP, and the stuff we had improved in our course was compatible with the requirements for TLCP, I realized they were even more specific and detailed than for youxiu ke, so we began to develop the course further, and then applied for TLCP. We applied for uni level, then for national level. 

I began teaching this course in 1991, I developed it, First it was a voluntary course, then it became an obligatory course. Then it became MoE 办课:

We applied for campus level TLCP in 2005, and for national level in 2008. We were the first national level TLCP on XXX,  Now there are two.

I am XXX, can work to XXX, PhD supervisor. I need to find a replacement, a young professors, train him or her to continue this course, become PhD supervisor. Need to improve pedagogical research. Publishing a bi-lingual book to help teachers do bilingual courses. Have to update video material in course. 

Before teaching wasn’t that important for being a PhD supervisor, now they will take a TLCP into consideration.


XXX. When the university started, we set up a biology department, then we started this course. There was a professor called XXX, he is very famous in plant biology in China, he edited a text book, until last year it had been published continually for 50 years. Had a huge impact nationally. Some of his disciples spread XXX very widely. The course had his characteristics, very determined by his thinking. It’s very important to connect theory to practice. I am one of the students that he trained, many of the teachers in this department today are his students. We all continue his heritage. So continually in developing teaching teams, teaching materials, developing courses, we all worked. We applied for TLCP in 2005, and got it. With the guidance from MoE and specifically from the academic affairs office here’s guidance, we have made some improvements. 

We also applied for the school’s excellent course. His book was judged to be national top level teaching material. These last years, because of TLCP, we’re continually improving, the teaching materials. We’re not using that book anymore, it’s a series. Actually the course has been expanded to a series of courses. We got very good results in last years teaching evaluation. We got first price in XXX Educational Achievement first class. We also applied for national TLCP, but didn’t get it.

We started to develop a website in 2001. We put the courseware, questions, experimental descripition, teaching materials etc on the web. We also developed a resource database for the province. In the resource base we put lot’s of resources from the course, so we started with this quite early. We also had exchanges with other universities, especially because we are so well known for the publishing of his textbook.

Before we became TLCP, all the resources were for our own students, we also shared some courseware and some recordings with other campuses. In 2005, our campus did an evlauation, XXX published it. We began to notice that a lot of courses in this topic, even that applied to be TLCP, had used our thinking, even our direct expressions sometimes. Some told us, some didn’t. 


I began teaching this class in 1997. In 2004, 2005 I began to prepare this website, because it was needed for teaching, by the students. By request of the students, we slowly started putting up recordings, and other material, discussion forums. In 2007, we got provincial TLCP, in 2005 campus TLCP.

At first, the reason for building the site had nothing to do with TLCP, which had not yet launched. It was the request of these outside students who came to listen to classes, and wanted something to connect to while they were away.

At that time students needed a password, not anymore. In 2004, the school started applying for TLCP, asked who had materials, I happened to have them ready. 

We are a teaching team, 5 teachers. Before, it was just me teaching the class, but TLCP rquired a teaching team. That’s part of the goal, to train young teachers to continue teaching the class, and involve older teachers in undergraduate teaching. There is a difference in China between normal universities, which focus a lot on teaching, and research universities, which focus a lot on research. So normal universities produce more TLCPs.