Norwegian interview about Chinese Top Level Courses and OER production

October 10, 2010, [MD]

I met Martin Aasbrenn, a Norwegian doctor and medical educator, through Twitter. Since then, we've had a number of interesting discussions about the production and use of Open Educational Resources online, and we had a chance to meet up last summer to continue these conversations. I always think I am busy myself, but here is a guy with a full job, a bunch of extra responsibilities, and two little kids, who still finds time to reflect, write, share and contribute to these open discussions – I have a lot of respect for that!

After reading my thesis, he said that he found several interesting ideas in it, and wanted to share these with a Norwegian audience. He did a Skype interview with me in Norwegian, touching on a number of the points in the thesis, as well as some of my thoughts about how we can make academic work more accessible, and some of the experiments I am doing with disseminating the thesis. He made a raw transcript of the conversation, and has began to blog about it on his blog about teaching in higher ed. His first post is about my typology of OER based on four purposes, read his post, and then the original text from the thesis.

I would love to see a discussion among Norwegian educators about my research, and whether some of the ideas from China's project can be applicable in Norway. Thanks a lot Martin, for helping me spread the word.


Stian Håklev October 10, 2010 Toronto, Canada
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