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August 30, 2010, [MD]

There is so much exciting going on at P2PU, that if I hadn't been moving tomorrow, and if my MA thesis was not due in a week, I could have written many long posts. For now, I wanted to make a quick list of all the new courses - there is an official course listing page, but it's a bit unwieldy at the moment (we're working on it). So far there are 30 amazing courses offered, more than twice of what we had during the last cycle. In addition to the 18 "normal" courses, we also have 12 courses that are part of the exciting new School of Webcraft initiative, in collaboration with Mozilla Foundation.

Below I have listed all the new courses, with the title, and a tweet-sized introduction.

General courses

Adopting Open Textbooks Can adopting open educational resources make education more accessible to learners and empower educators to share?

Athletics: Our Food For Life The course focuses on athletics as a platform for improved health, skill development, physiological & psychological athletic efficiency

Collaborative Lesson Planning Can publishing and collaboratively building lesson plans online make them better?

Consciousness: Games and Apps Hypothesis: Internet use changes consciousness. How can we develop games and apps that change consciousness faster, and enhance evolution?

Copyright 4 Educators AUS A course for educators in Australia who want to learn about copyright, open content material and licensing.

Copyright 4 Educators US A course for educators in the US who want to learn about copyright, open content material and licensing.

Copyright 4 Educators ZA A course for educators in South Africa who want to learn about copyright, open content material and licensing.

Creative Programming 2010 Welcome to the fun side of computer programming, a powerful tool for creativity

DIY Math This course is designed to build independent study and peer-support skills for mathematics learners at all levels.

Human Trafficking Different manifestations of trafficking in human beings with a special emphasis on trafficked women and children through real life examples.

Inteligência Coletiva e AVA Como potencializar a inteligência coletiva em ambientes virtuais de aprendizagem

Introduction To Finance This course will cover basic finance and economic topics.

Managing Election Campaigns How to Win An Election with \$2.00 and a pint of Cooking Oil

Open Creative Nonfiction To what extent is it possible to capture the self in narrative? How do physical spaces affect that story?

Open Governance How can open communities of volunteers like P2PU make good decisions and get stuff done?

Open Journalism & the Open Web Can hacks and hackers work together in the new online news world?

Social Innovation in Education What are your innate "megaskills" for social innovation in education?

The Praxis of Queer Pedagogy Looking to find ways to rethink your practice as an educator? Find out what "queer" and "pedagogy" have to offer you.

Webcraft courses

Beginning Python Webservices Want to learn about the protocol that runs the web HTTP and how to make web services with Python?

Designers Tackling the Web You're a smokin' designer... but web pages, how do they work? Tackle the Web. Learn basic HTML and CSS

Drupal Social Web Application Learn to use Drupal to build a social web app that lets users collaborate on projects and ideas.

HTML5 Is HTML5 more than "just HTML" and can I actually use it to create a website today?

Programming Visual Media Can you learn to code the same way you learned to paint? Intro to programming, studio-style.

Reading Code Get comfortable reading other peoples' code, from big open source projects to small standalone apps.

Scripting 101 Web Monkeys or command line junkies, join, learn to hack and make a better world!

UX: Design para a Educação Queres aprender a desenvolver ambientes de experiência de usuário a serem aplicados a vários sistemas?

UX: Designing for Education Are you motivated to develop user experience designs that can be applied to various systems?

Web 200: Anatomy of a Request What happens when you click go in the browser? Find out in "Web 200: Anatomy of a Request"

Web Accessibility Maximize your audience through inclusion and non-discrimination by using accessible design.

Web Development 101 How are webpages made and have you ever wondered how to create your own?

There should be something for everyone, so find a course that looks interesting, read up on the course design and curriculum, and sign up! The deadline for sign-up is the 8th of September, and I think courses will begin running on the 15th of September for six weeks.


Stian Håklev August 30, 2010 Toronto, Canada
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