Presentation: Viewing Open Education from the Perspectives of Knowledge Building and Connectivism

June 8, 2010, [MD]

I wrote earlier about preparing to give a guest lecture in a class called KMD 1002: Knowledge Communities: Patterns and Practices, where I assigned three resources for class preparation: a CIDER talk by Terry Anderson about Three Generations of Distance Education Pedagogy. I also ended up assigning a paper by Marlene Scardamalia: Collective Cognitive Responsibility for the Advancement of Knowledge and one by George Siemens: Connectivism: A learning theory for the digital age.

I struggled quite a bit when preparing the actual talk. A nice feature was that I was given access to the class discussion forum and wiki, which they had used to summarize talks and discussions from previous classes, so I read through that, and thought about my material could integrate with what they had already been discussing, and the questions they had been asking.

I have been thinking a lot about the two learning theories connectivism and knowledge building. Both offer a possible model for online social learning, but they are very different. I made a first attempt at sketch out some of the strengths and weaknesses I saw in each of them, and listing some of the issues that I think are worth discussing, and which I am hoping to explore further in the future (and certainly during my PhD).

The material in this presentation is quite raw, but I would love any feedback and comments. I've embedded the 37 minute long presentation below, but you can also download just the PDF of the slides, or the MP3 of the audio. The original video (with no slides) also contains the Q&A session at the end (which I have not included below).


Stian HĂ„klev June 8, 2010 Toronto, Canada
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