Stories of peace, from China and Ukraine

October 19, 2009, [MD]

I think it is funny how people often laugh at Youtube and other video sharing sites -- sure, you can spend many minutes watching lightsaber-wielding nerds or college students barfing, but you can also find incredible clips that you would have never seen otherwise. These two days, I came across two amazing performances that I wanted to share, which both center around peace and onflict. The first is a Chinese animation about the futility and brutality of warfare. For some reason it is called Beat a big melon.

The second is an incredible performance, but I have never seen one tell such a poignant story as here.

I have not embedded these two videos, because I really want you to see them in full-screen mode (there is a button on both players that enable this). I also don't want to go on about these movies -- just go watch them.


Stian HĂ„klev October 19, 2009 Toronto, Canada
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