Support Weng Diedie in going back to Mosuo

April 13, 2008, [MD]

Weng Diedie is a Chinese filmmaker who has spent several years visiting the matrilineal Mosuo tribe in South-Western China, and filmed a fascinating and beautiful tale of how their traditional music is threatened by tourism and modernization. She has already shown it to full houses at many different venues in the US, and now she is collecting funding to go back to Mosuo. From her website:

In the spring of 2009, Weng plans to collaborate with local Mosuo cultural centers to screen her recently finished documentary “Mosuo Song Journey” at different Mosuo villages and hold discussions on the topics related to cultural preservation.**All the money from selling this DVD will contribute to the cost of this continued Mosuo song journey.*\ *As this trip happens, Weng will keep you posted with her screening and discussion events through words, pictures and videos online:

Watch the trailer below, go to her website, and you can order the DVD for just 20\$. All the funds go to support Diedie’s return to Mosuo this summer, and if there is anything left over, they will go to future film projects.\

\ Stian

Stian Håklev April 13, 2008 Toronto, Canada
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