PhotoDropper - making blogging with CC pictures painless

February 25, 2008, [MD]

This is something I have really been waiting for! PhotoDropper is a plugin for WordPress that enables you to seemlessly search for CC licensed pictures in Flickr and other databases, and with a click insert the picture into your blog, complete with the photo credit. I have always found it a pain to have to click multiple times to copy the picture URL, the name, the link URL etc.

It can still be improved - I’d like to be able to specify that it gathers all credits at the bottom of the post, and I’d love to be able to specify how they are formatted, but this is small potatoes. This is a wonderful tool, that also shows some of the possibilities with media licensed under CC.

A few things I’d like to see: a similar plugin for OpenOffice Impress (or KPresenter) which let’s you easily insert pictures with open licenses, and collects all the sources at the last slide. I sometimes make slides with 60 photos, and it’s a huge pain to manage it manually, sometimes I am not able to release it publicly because of this, sometimes I do release it and feel bad… It would also be neat if people were able to specify how they would want to be accredited (does the photographer of this photo want to be acknowledged as ronnie44052?) - ideally this should be part of the embedded licensing info in each picture/mp3/Word document/pdf. (For academic pdfs, they should also embed all information necessary to produce academic bibliographies).

One thing at a time i guess \ Stian

photo credit: ronnie44052

Stian Håklev February 25, 2008 Toronto, Canada
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