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December 13, 2007, [MD]

So since I finally have a laptop that is actually mobile, I can now try out the wonderful Google Gears, which allows me to use Google Reader in an offline mode. This is great, I can catch up with my blogs on the bus. However, there are still some problems. Pictures are not cached, that would be a nice feature. Some bloggers only post parts of their post (very annoying), and some blogs are essentially collections of links to other articles, which I can obviously not read.

So in case I come across a post that has a great link that I want to check out, I can tag it, and look at it later. But ideally, I’d like to be able to only tag that link, and then have Google produce a link of all links I’ve starred (with context). Then I extended this idea, and thought of a Firefox plugin that would put a tiny star next to all hyperlinks so that you could easily star hyperlinks in any document, to return to them later. Or maybe you should be able to shift+click on it, or whatever.

Just my tiny little idea for the day, from a pizza place in NYC, slowly making my way home for Christmas.


Stian Håklev December 13, 2007 Toronto, Canada
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