MA program in free software development

September 21, 2007, [MD]

So, I am back in Toronto - have been for about two weeks, but am still busy finding my bearings. I have a busy year ahead of me, preparing to write my thesis on community libraries in Indonesia (I might blog more about that later), TAing for a course on international communications and international development, taking a class in हिन्दी (Hindi) which is very exciting, and of course attending the open education course. The readings are about 150 pages per week, and I have not been able to do them for the last three weeks, because of moving and trying to get my life in order… So this will be a productive weekend.

The problem with the readings is that it’s almost impossible to do them without looking up references and projects mentioned - whether it’s the blog of Deputy Director General Øystein Johannessen at the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, who promisingly seems very interested in OER, the National Knowledge Commission for India (playing around with Hindi as well) or an MA program in free software development. It’s all interesting, but I need to get through the readings, somehow…


Stian Håklev September 21, 2007 Toronto, Canada
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