Down, up, and move: Tales of DNS woes

April 24, 2006, [MD]

I know this happens to people all the time, I remember my friend Leylop had huge problems migrating her domain from one host to another, when the first one wouldn’t release it. So I was up - a few days ago, someone told me that they got a page advertising real estate when they went to my page. I checked, and yes, apparently my domain had lapsed. I thought the U-HS guys I were hosting with had been quite negligent in not informing me up-front (I guess we’ve become kind of used to that kind of hand-holding), and I was a bit annoyed with them. Took about 18 hours before they answered my first ticket too. In the meantime, I knew I would be looking for a better host because my one year contract was about to expire, and I’d just set my girlfriend up with 1&1, where she got several gigabytes of space (at U-HS I think I had 50, or 100). I spent some time looking around, and decided on, even though it was slightly more expensive than I wanted; but then I get not only ssh-access (which is so useful) and Ruby on Rails hosting (I haven’t written anything yet, but if I want to…), and a lot of other neat stuff. Plus five gigabytes of storage, unlimited subdomains, etc.

To make a long story short, it took a number of emails with U-HS, and finally I got them to give me free DNS hosting for a year because of the miss, which is very fair (after all, my site is not a critical business site or something - I don’t think the world really minded it’s absence), and I migrated to The migration was surprisingly easy, tar all your files, upload them here and untar them (thank god for ssh here, although cpanel did help me backup my files at U-HS), export my mysql, change a few lines near the top with username and password info, reimport, and everything just works! Nice. (And I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.2 a few weeks ago, so everything is indeed cutting-edge. Now I just have to write interesting and inspired posts. Hm…)

Otherwise - exams until the 29th, and in mid-May I am probably leaving for Indonesia for a year, working for CARE Canada. Trying to learn Indonesian right now. Kucing yang berwarna hitam sedang duduk di atas kacamata anak laki-laki.


Stian Håklev April 24, 2006 Toronto, Canada
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