From China: Rabbis, cheating cadres and Uyghur music videos

April 9, 2006, [MD]

A lot of tech talk lately, but here is some interesting stuff from China. First, The Opposite End of China mentions a report from the NPR that there is now a high demand for rabbis in China. The reason - China produces so many food items for consumption in the US that have to be marked as certified kosher, certified by a rabbi. It remains to be seen whether the Blue Sky bar in Wuhan will add rabbis to their eclectic clientele of young foreign English teachers, middle-aged French Citroën workers, African students on state scholarships and young Chinese couples.

The same weblog reports on the wild web in China, where cadres at all levels download homework assignments in ideological subjects, as well as “self-criticisms” that they can then modify and hand in to their party officials.

Finally, the owner of this very neat weblog from Xinjiang brings us some examples of real Uyghur music, and “fake minority music”. I borrowed one of the clips from him here below. (This brings back real memories of eating grapes and raisins in orchards outside Turfan.) I borrowed one clip from him, here:\




Stian Håklev April 9, 2006 Toronto, Canada
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