Bookmarklet for MyAccess, UofT libraries

March 31, 2006, [MD]

I really should be studying, but I made my first bookmarklet. The problem I tried to solve: When students of University of Toronto sit at home using Google Scholar to search for, say, information on the text book publishing industry in Swaziland, they often arrive at articles that are subscription only. However, usually they do have access to these through the library, using a system called MyAaccess. For most webpages, especially JSTOR and Ingenta Connect, adding to the domain works, for for example if I find a JSTOR article with the following URL:…\ you change it into\****/sici?sici=0010-7484….

and voila, it works. A bit annoying however; and no longer necessary. Drag this bookmarklet: MyAccess to your toolbar (should work for most browsers), and just click that when you’re at a JSTOR or Ingenta page (might work with others). Pure magic.

I know that with for example SpringerLink, which keeps coming up with good articles, it doesn’t work. If I have time one day, I might sit down and make a more sophisticated version. For now, have fun.


Stian Håklev March 31, 2006 Toronto, Canada
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