Taiwanese students want value for their money

March 28, 2006, [MD]

I remember the one time I went to PizzaHut in Wuhan, China, with some of my students. PizzaHut is extremely expensive in China, similar to a 7-course fancy restaurant in the west (compared to income), and they clearly wanted to make the best out of it. We got two salad plates that we could put as much as we wanted on, but we could only fill them once. I went first, and put a bunch of stuff (I thought), but my friends at the table were not too convinced. They then sent a delegation of Chinese students, and they built a whole structure on the plate to get more salad. They however, were dwarfed by these thrifty students from Taiwan (courtesy of blewtooth) that made salad-tower-building into a new art form.

I also remember that getting a cheese-less pizza (being a vegan) was not easy, the waitress completely refused, but I relented, and finally she went to ask the chef. I was finally given one, but with the comment that they would not extend their “taste guarantee” to this one. Funny, given that I routinely bought cheeseless pizzas at PizzaHut in Sweden, with no hubbub. Then again, my friend from Hangzhou told me she had worked at PizzaHut, and the hygiene behind the counter was horrible (as in, upz I dropped a pizza on the floor, oh well, put it back on the tray)…

Stian\ If you were inspired, here are some cool pictures of toy stacking. A new way of procrastinating, yahoo! Never did know what to do with all those pesky pennies…

Stian Håklev March 28, 2006 Toronto, Canada
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