Amazing pictures of high-density in Hong Kong

March 14, 2006, [MD]

I came across an interesting collection of photos of high-density housing in Hong Kong (thank you, Spacing Toronto), some very aesthetic pictures. I haven’t spend much time in Hong Kong, and don’t understand the city as I wish I did, but these pictures made me think of something. When discussing the past, present and future of Toronto, the issue of density is omnipresent; personally I am a big fan of higher density in general, for many reasons. It provides access to services, cultures and amenities in an easily accessible, walkable climate that is easy to serve efficiently with public transit. It also reduces the amount of agricultural or forested land that is paved over. However, many would point to the coldness of the towers at Bay street, and contrast them with the nice houses that line many of Toronto’s downtown streets, their obvious point being that they don’t want to live in a cold city.

Yet, what struck me is that there are few cities as “in your face” and “hot”, with a bustling, teeming life on street level that can be quite exhausting when you first arrive. I am not suggesting turning Toronto into Hong Kong right away (then again…), but perhaps this provides a different model of densification than do the corporate offices on Bay street, and the condos on Front street.


Stian Håklev March 14, 2006 Toronto, Canada
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