Newspaper Design: Awesome Polish Amnesty campaign over Belarus

December 16, 2005, [MD]

I am very intrigued by design, and think I recognize good one when I see it (although I cannot for the life of me create it myself), and so I thought it was interesting when I came across a blog that does nothing but post frontpages of newspapers and discuss their design. I originally came there to look at the full page spread of King Kong, which apparently caused quite a stir among the newspaper-design-aficionados. However, browing further down the site I came across this frontpage from Polish newspapers, responding to a report by Amnesty - they have decided to “censor” the frontpage (which is found in full on page three, page two is an analysis of the situation in Belarus). Of course, people are talking about newspapers’ objectivity, and whether this is appropriate, but I think as long as newspapers are honest, and share all the facts, they are allowed to have an opinion. And if journalists don’t have an opinion on censorship on the press, then were are we going to wake up? So hurrah, Poland. And good luck Belarus!


Stian Håklev December 16, 2005 Toronto, Canada
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