July 19, 2005, [MD]

The website that I have been working with all summer is now up - surprisingly fast, due to a little hacker attack that took down the previous site. What I have been doing is changing over from EZPublish, an incredibly powerful framework that nobody understood, nor used to its full, and to Dokuwiki, a wiki-based system that is a lot simpler, but fills our needs. I was almost done developing it on a separate server, when our main system went down, and we decided to push Dokuwiki into place. It also has some new features that we are working on, such as a public part, where users can publish articles, a better functioning forum, etc.

I am still not happy with a lot of the contents, but I am hoping that the simplicity of this new package, will make it a lot easier to improve the contents in the future.

And in a few days, I am out of here.


PS: http://www.politicsofhealth.org

Stian HĂ„klev July 19, 2005 Toronto, Canada
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