Barefoot Doctors in China

July 8, 2005, [MD]

During this year, I took an amazing class in International Health Policy with Professor Anne Emanuelle-Birn. The reading package, which was longer than a bad year (as we say in Norwegian) gave me new insights each week (as Wojciech would notice, me coming down to his room, eager to share), and I choose to go on with the second semester seminar course in International Health. In addition to doing a group project, we each had to write a paper about a topic that we could choose ourselves. I chose to pick up on the primary health care movement that we had learnt about in first semester (if the words “Alma Ata, 1978″ do not mean anything to you, you could do a lot worse than browsing through Questioning the Solution, by David Werner, also available for free online), and focus on the Barefoot Doctors movement in China.

I don’t think I have worked so hard on a paper since I wrote my Extended Essay for UWC in Italy; this is of course only a measure of my effort, and not of the resulting quality. However, I do think the paper is a good introduction to the topic. Where I fail, and this was also kindly noted by the editors of Undercurrent after my submission, is in the analytics. I am planning to try to tighten it up, and put more analysis in, and resubmitting it to Undercurrent (a Canadian peer-reviewed undergrad IDS journal).

In the meantime, if anyone should be interested in reading my concoction, here it is. Free for all. I release it under Creative Commons (by).

Comments are of course welcome.


Stian Håklev July 8, 2005 Toronto, Canada
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