GMaps, buses, open apis

June 30, 2005, [MD]

It´s already been noted by for exampel Google and Flickr that opening up your api (the interface to your website) and allowing other programmes / webpages to interact with your data can be hugely positive in creating a community, that can come up with ideas that you never dreamt of. See for example the Flickr tools collection, where The Flickr Album is pretty impressive, as is this color picker. Google Maps were hacked early on, and some very interesting uses came up, for example Jon Udell´s screencast (more ideas here).

Ever since the map came online, I´ve wanted more coverage for public transit (and how about calculating the best way to go by bicycle from A to B?) Anyway, the Bus Monster which covers Seattle is an awesome combination of Google maps, and transit and traffic information. It integrates traffic cameras, route information, … And it´s nicely done. I really hope Google won´t ask them to take it down, but rather hire this guy, and have him develop this for all their cities (or at least Toronto, who lacks something even rudimental… Their transit homepages are horribly designed and do not have even a rudimental route finder. Shame!)


Stian Håklev June 30, 2005 Toronto, Canada
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